Everybody's Gift

Justin Canha speaks about childhood, art and independence.
Directed by Ben Stamper
Music by Aaron Roche

Don't Foil My Plans (Trailer)

Don't Foil My Plans is a film in progress about a life in progress. Director Ben Stamper creates an artful and surprising portrait of an autistic artist as a young man, and his imminent transition into adulthood.

Directed, filmed and edited by Ben Stamper
Music by DadRocks! 
For more information about the film, visit dontfoil.com

Sidecars (Trailer)

Sidecars is a short documentary that explores an unusual friendship between two extraordinary people. Sidecars is an intimate portrait of two friends seeking identity beyond their diagnosis, while learning from each other how to transform their struggle into beautiful works of art that strengthen and inspire.

Music by Hi! Hello!

This film is dedicated to the loving memory of Lyndsley Wilkerson.